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Welcome to the Residents of York Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells . We hope you find our site both interesting and informative. These pages were created by the residents of York Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, United Kingdom, - in 2000.

You can learn and see how York Road developed from 1839 to the present day by looking at some wonderful historic maps and pictures. You will appreciate what it is like to live in the centre of this historic town. The amenities are excellent, the location fantastic.

You will also learn about an issue - back in 2000 - which threatened to seriously damage the whole fabric of York Road. A development was planned for York Road and has been executed meanwhile, that is so large, that it is three times government guidelines in density terms.

Enjoy learning about York Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells.

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Where is York Road ? - Maps and Historic Background, History of Church Road and Trinity Church, Attractions of York Road, Photos of York Road, What is the downside ? What is the future ?
The re-development of the Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells - The Telephone House site - What are they up to? What has been done to make residents aware of the development? What was the reaction among the community? - Please listen to us! Residents objections, concerns and suggestions as presented to the Councillors of the Culverden Ward on 4th October 2000 - What does the community want?